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Release Blitz and Review of Knight of Pentacles by Nina Mason

knight of pentacles

*This series is intended only for those 18 and older*

Release Day Blitz: Knight of Pentacles by Nina Mason


Today we celebrate the release of Knight of Pentacles, book three in Nina Mason’s Knights of the Tarot series. Unlike the first two books in the series, which Nina revised and re-released on May 24, Knight of Pentacles has never been released before.


Knight of Pentacles, an erotic PNR/UF set primarily on Scotland’s Black Isle, tells of the romance between Sir Axel Lochlann, who guards the portal into Avalon, and Jenna Cameron, the daughter of a witch who hasn’t yet discovered her powers. Their love story is based on the old Scottish ballad of Tam Lin, which plays an important role in the book.


Here’s the blurb:


The future looks bleak for Jenna Cameron when, after a five-year engagement, her fiancé breaks it off the night before the wedding. Hoping to regroup, Jenna decides to drive alone to the cottage on Scotland’s mysterious Black Isle where they were supposed to spend their honeymoon. When her car breaks down, Jenna wonders if her troubles can get any worse. Then, while cutting through a secluded glen, she sees a handsome man bathing in a waterfall. The next day, she learns the man she saw is the faery knight who guards the portal into Avalon, the otherworld island ruled by Morgan Le Fay.

Jenna, ready to be rid of the virginity she’s saved in vain, offers herself to Sir Axel Lochlann, the shaman knight of Faery Glen. From that moment on, she finds herself inside a faery tale complete with druids, goblins, runic magic, and vampire owls. She also discovers powers she didn’t know she had—powers she can use to break Sir Axel’s bonds to Queen Morgan.

First, however, she must persuade Axel to put his desire to be free ahead of his duty to the queen he’s sworn to serve and obey.


Here’s a little more about the Knights of the Tarot series:


Knights of the Tarot, a four-part series, was born of a relatively simple concept. Nina wanted to write a paranormal/fantasy series incorporating different forms of divination. Tarot cards, astrology, runes, numerology, and the like. From that kernel grew the overarching storyline. The heroes of this contemporary paranormal series are Scottish noblemen of times past who were taken by the faeries into Avalon to serve as breeding drones to the queen, the legendary Morgan le Fay. Each of the books tells the story of a particular knight and the heroine whose love saves him from his unhappy existence.

Each hero grapples with a different relationship with their cruel and selfish queen. Callum Lyon, the knight of book one (Knight of Wands), is free of Morgan’s influence, having escaped Avalon after faking his death. Leith MacQuill, the knight of book two (Knight of Cups), was expelled from Avalon after the queen discovered his affair with one of the ladies of her court. To punish Leith, Morgan cursed him so any women he should fall in love with in the future would die.

In Knight of Pentacles, Axel Lochlann is still enslaved to the queen, who he serves as a guardian of the portal between the mortal and immortal realms.

The Knight of Swords (book four) is Finn MacKnight does not yet know he is destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy telling of the queen’s overthrow by a natural-born drone.

The knights are blood-drinking shape-shifters who can assume the form of any creature, real or mythical, but generally take the form of their alter ego. Callum’s preferred form is a lion, Leith’s is a Kellas Cat, Axel’s is a gyrfalcon, and Finn’s is a jaguar.

* * * *




Haven’t read the first two books in the Knights of the Tarot series?

No worries. Both are on sale this week for only 99 cents!



Knight of Wands


Knight of Cups


* * * *

Axel Lochlann, the hero of Knight of Pentacles is a Highlander of Viking descent who uses runes for divination and magic. For those who don’t know what runes are, they’re the letters of an alphabet called the Futhark, the first system of writing developed and used by the Germanic peoples.

More than just letters to make words, each rune is an ideographic or pictographic symbol of some cosmological principle or power. When written together in various sequences, the powers can be invoked to cast protective spells. Individual runes carved into stones, bone, or wood are used to seek the guidance and wisdom of the Old Norse gods, especially Odin, who discovered the runes after hanging upside down for nine days from Yggdrasil, the Old Norse tree of life .

* * * *



Order Knight of Pentacles today for a chance to win the beautiful blue-onyx runes pictured above. To enter, simply email your proof of purchase to


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Here’s an excerpt from Knight of Pentacles:


As the sputtering engine gasped its last, Jenna Cameron set her forehead against the steering wheel and groaned. Could this day get any worse? As if it weren’t enough her world had turned upside down, now her car decided to quit in the dead of night on a desolate stretch of road with no bloody cellular signal.

If not for the dream she’d had last night, she’d be Mrs. William Comstock right now, on her way to the honeymoon cottage she’d rented with the man she’d waited five long and frustrating years to marry.

The thought of William sent a chill through Jenna. In the dream, she’d seen herself driving off the edge of a cliff. She was married to William and utterly miserable. As her car soared over the edge of the precipice, she heard her mother’s voice. “The right man is out there, waiting for you to find him. But it will never be if you bind yourself to a man you don’t love.”

As soon as she awoke, she rang William. When she told him about the dream, he said, as she’d secretly hoped he would, “I was willing to overlook that your mother was a witch because I believed your father had safely guided you away from the path of darkness, but now I see that, like her, you have been led astray. I pray someday you will embrace the Light of God, Jenna. I truly do. But, for now, I cannot risk my own immortal soul by marrying someone so susceptible to the darkness.”

William, a Presbyterian pastor like her father, blamed everything he did not understand on the devil.

As relieved as Jenna was to have escaped, the sudden change of course had thrown her life into chaos. Expecting to be married, she’d given up her job and flat in Edinburgh and, consequently, was left with no source of income and nowhere to live.

So, she was on her way to the rented cottage in Rosemarkie, a small seaside town on Scotland’s Black Isle. Since she couldn’t get her deposit back, it seemed like a good idea to use the cottage to reflect and regroup.

Coming all this way alone had suddenly lost its appeal, but here she was—and wallowing in self-pity was not going to solve anything. According to the Google map she’d printed out, she wasn’t far from her destination. She might as well suck it up and walk the rest of the way. When she got there, she could ring a garage about her car.

Grabbing her purse, her forest-green wool cloak, and the battery-powered torch she kept in the glove box, she climbed out of the car and set off along the rural tree-lined road, which was dark and a little spooky. No cars passed her in either direction. Crickets chirped all around and small rustlings from the surrounding woods startled her sporadically. Senses alert, she stopped repeatedly to check her mobile for a signal.

Her heart pounded and, despite the chill in the air, she was sweating under her cloak and sweater. The only good thing she could say about her present predicament was that her fear of being torn to pieces by wild animals had temporarily eclipsed her other worries.

She didn’t know how long she’d been walking when she came to an old stone bridge. Just beyond was a sign. She shone the beam of her torch at the words carved into the wooden plaque.

Faery Glen.

faery glen

Jenna took heart. She’d read something about the glen on the website for the cottage, so she shouldn’t have much farther to go. Unfortunately, she needed to pee rather urgently. Might there be somewhere to go in the glen?

Venturing into a forest in the middle of the night might not be the smartest thing she’d ever done, but her bladder was bursting and she wasn’t about to tinkle by the side of the road. Just because no cars had gone by since she’d started walking, didn’t mean one wouldn’t appear the moment she dropped her knickers. Besides, there was a carpark abutting the glen, so there might be a public lavatory there as well.

Up above, the sky was an indigo canvas splattered with specks of white, some larger than others. She crossed the small asphalt lot. Finding no bathroom, she squatted in the bushes. When she’d finished her business, she shone the torch into the glen. Everything outside the beam was pitch black. Water ran somewhere nearby. Thirst drew her down the footpath. All that crying had made her as parched as a dry sponge.

I’ll only go a little ways, find the stream, and take a wee sip.

The hollow clomp of her footsteps disturbed the silence as she crossed a wooden bridge. On the other side, the path curved sharply. In a clearing just beyond the turn were the falls. In the silver light of the full moon, the cascading water reminded her of the bridal veil she might never get a chance to wear.

Then, she saw him. A man in the pool below the falls. He was stark naked, soaking wet, and had his back to her.

Alarm electrifying every nerve ending, she stepped back into the shadows. Her first thought was that he might be a homeless man who’d taken refuge in the woods. He had a beard and long hair, so it seemed the most logical explanation. Her next thought was that he might be performing some sort of ritual. She was on the Black Isle, after all, in a place called Faery Glen on the night of a full moon, so his being a New Age warlock or druid didn’t seem all that infeasible. A long shot, perhaps, but not meters outside the realm of possibility.

When curiosity overrode her apprehension, she stepped closer to get a better look at him. The moonlight bathing his glistening physique revealed a tall, slender frame with broad shoulders, narrow hips, and a shapely bum. Wetness and poor lighting made telling the color of his hair impossible. Light brown, maybe, or dark blond. She started a little when he bent over and shook his head like a dog. As he threw it back, he raised his muscular white arms to push the clinging wet hair off his face.

Despite her long engagement and having achieved the ripe age of twenty-five, she’d never seen a naked man before. Not in the flesh, anyway, and watching this one bathing in the wild was making her feel things she shouldn’t. The prospect of being caught spying on him was even more unsettling.

Ducking behind the thick trunk of the nearest tree, she watched as he continued his bath. Drunk on a tart cocktail of shame and lust, she took in the graceful slope of his shoulders, the long muscles supporting his serrated spine, and the alluring dimples just below the small of his back. His beautiful form and the way the moonlight sparkled on the droplets clinging to his skin made her pulse race and her knees weaken.

A strong urge to touch him welled up inside her. How badly she wanted to run her hands over every glistening curve and indentation of his manly form—both for prurient reasons and to absorb some of his confidence the way plants absorbed sunlight. As exposed as he was to the elements, he seemed admirably comfortable in his skin.

She’d never felt that at ease with herself, even when alone. All her life, she’d been made to feel inferior. As much as she didn’t want to believe that she was, part of her did.

Mesmerized by the man in the pool, she went on watching. Something told her he was like her mother. Esoteric rather than religious. Open-minded instead of rigid. Accepting, not judging. She couldn’t say how or why she sensed this about him. She only knew she felt it deep down in some instinctive part of her psyche.

Hope fluttered in her heart. Could he be the one her mother spoke of in the dream? Scoffing at her romantic delusions, she smashed the thought with the rock of reason and headed back to the footpath.


My Review: 

*Disclaimer – I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


Knight of Pentacles by Nina Mason is the third book in the Knights of the Tarot series. This book follows the story of Axel Lochlann, the portal guard. As Queen Morgan’s drone, Axel must do her bidding and is not free to live his life. Jenna Cameron has spent her whole life trying to please first her father and then her fiancé, both of whom are strict Christians that don’t allow Jenna to be her true self. One of the reasons I love Mason’s books are because of the female characters who learn to love and trust themselves and become heroes who save the day, and Knight of Pentacles is no exception. Jenna is a character that’s easy to identify with because she’s timid and strong, afraid she’s unlovable yet willing to believe in love, and of course, she has more to offer the world than she’s even aware of. Axel is a warrior with a strong spiritual side. His love of meditation and runes drew me in instantly. Although he loves Jenna and wishes to protect her, I love that he is truthful with her and encourages her to embrace the warrior within herself. Axel is definitely one of my favorite book boyfriends. The setting of the book is in Scotland, a place I’ve always dreamed of going, and a setting that’s perfect for a book where the characters cross over from the modern world to the otherworld (Thitherworld). I enjoyed this book immensely, and I highly recommend reading it (and the others in the series).



About the author:


Nina Mason is an incurable romantic who strives to write the same kind of books she loves to read: those that entertain, edify, educate, and enlighten. In addition to the Knights of the Tarot series, she is the author of Royal Pains, an erotic historical series following a Scottish duke and duchess through the hedonism and intrigues of the Restoration period, and Sins Against the Sea, a paranormal romance steeped in the myth and magic of the Scottish Isles.

Born and raised in Southern California, Ms. Mason currently lives with her family in Woodstock, Georgia. When she isn’t writing, she makes art dolls and works as a consultant for Pure Romance, a line of relationship-enhancement products.

Visit Nina’s website:

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Review of Taming Shadows (Revelations Trilogy Book 1) by Fiona Skye

Taming Shadows


Genre: Urban fantasy


The world once lived in ignorance of preternatural creatures, until the day Riley O’Rourke and her vampire friend and mentor, Onyx, changed the world. Now that everyone knows of the existence of preternatural creatures, these creatures live fully integrated into society. Some of the preternaturals, however, are not happy about humans knowing they exist. The Queen of the Winter Fae is irate about her world being exposed and is sending nightmare creatures after Riley. Seeing no other option, Riley must rely on the help of the Summer Fae Queen, but her help comes with a price. Now Riley must steal a valuable mirror from Winter as her payment to Summer, but the act might just endanger the whole world.


My Review:

Taming Shadows by Fiona Skye is an exciting urban fantasy full of some of my favorite creatures and is served with a side of sizzling romance. Riley is a strong female character, but I love that she still has personal demons to slay to make her even stronger. David is a fantastic character with just the right mix of sweet and strong. All of the characters are well written, and the minor characters, such as Aine and Orla, are every bit as enjoyable as the main characters. Some of the fantasy creatures were not what I was expecting, while others were exactly what I expected, and that made the story even more enjoyable to me because of the mix of new elements with the familiar. As a cool bonus, Skye has included a bunch of Riley’s food recipes in the back. I’m pretty excited to try some of them! This story has action, romance, and most importantly, otherworldly creatures, which makes this book a must-read. I’m looking forward to reading the next book, Silver Shackles.


About the Author:

Fiona Skye wants to live in a world where that bartender is actually a vampire and one runs the risk of waking up in another universe every morning.

As an author, her books have been ranked in the top twenty Urban Fantasy and Fantasy Romance charts on Amazon and have received stellar reviews from readers around the globe.

When she’s not writing, you can find her indulging in her love of crochet, playing with her children and her dog, or searching for the perfect plate of cheese and onion enchiladas.

Her latest book, Perchance To Dream, hits the shelves in the summer of 2016, and the final book in the Revelations Trilogy will be released in the autumn of 2016.

Find out more about Fiona and her books at


Contact Information and Social Media links:

fiona (at) fiona-skye (dot) com




Goodreads Author Page

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Review of World Weaver (Book 4 in the Devany Miller Series) by Jen Ponce

World Weaver


Genre: Urban Fantasy



World Weaver by Jen Ponce is Book 4 in the Devany Miller Series. If you haven’t read the first three books, you will need to in order to follow the storyline. Plus, they are freaking awesome. In World Weaver, Devany’s daughter has been kidnapped by what she thought was a friend, and Devany will stop at nothing to find her. Meanwhile, the Witches’ Council is after Devany, the Riders are spreading the parasite, and Devany must journey through the past in order to prevent the Wild Magic from being destroyed.


My Review:

As with the rest of the Devany Miller Series, World Weaver by Jen Ponce was a thrilling ride through magical lands. One of my favorite things about this series is that there is so much going on. There’s never a down moment for Devany, which means when I pick up one of these books, I have a difficult time putting it down for anything. There’s just so much going on! Ponce’s fantasy worlds are intriguing and well thought out; I have no trouble picturing them or the creatures that inhabit them. Devany herself is a complex character, but she always strives to think of her children first and to do what she believes is the right thing (although that definitely backfires sometimes). Devany may have mixed feelings about Ty (the Skriven), but I absolutely love him. He’s arrogant and lustful, but he has a heart of gold where Devany is concerned. Neutria, the warrior spider, is another of my favorites. She has a one-track mind about power, but she’s actually quite funny. And a little bit disturbing. Like the other Devany Miller books, this book is a lot of fun to read, and I absolutely recommend it!


About the Author:

Jen Ponce author

This world needs more readers. Readers are open-minded, imaginative, and more empathetic. Picking up a book, whether one of Jen’s fantasy-fueled novels or someone else’s thriller, puts another person’s perspective of the world in your hands. (Unless you’re telepathic, then you’ve already experienced being in another person’s head. Good thing about books? Organized thoughts. Bad thing about people’s heads? Unorganized chaos, judging from my own stream.)
Pick up a book and enter a new world. See Tibet without getting on an airplane. (Good for those of you who are afraid to fly.) Live with cannibals without getting eaten. (Good for those of you who don’t want to be eaten.) Become a lion-tamer, an assassin, or a lover. Ride a dragon, eat a dinosaur (Come on, who hasn’t wondered what they taste like?), or fall in love with a man who looks like Fabio.
Do it from the comfort of your couch, your bed, the hard, plastic seat on the subway next to the man dressed in pink taffeta, singing songs about chickens. Whatever you do, don’t stop reading. And if you haven’t started reading, grab a book!
Jen’s love for reading came from her mom, who valued books above all things (except maybe the Dallas Cowboys and Michael Jordan.) She writes for the same reason some people run marathons, climb mountains, sculpt, paint, or put on suits of Mentos and jump into vats of Coke: because there is a fire burning inside her that doesn’t let her NOT do these things. Writing is necessary, like breathing or double chocolate chip cookies and perfectly salted potato chips.
Reading is not a lost pastime and Jen refuses to believe that something so magical could ever go away. Even during the zombie apocalypse, she will be reading. She will have to learn how to wield an ax in one hand while holding her book in the other.
Jen lives in the Panhandle of Nebraska, with her boys, her cats, her goldfish Reggie and a large supply of books that help insulate the house in the winter and expand her mind.
She loves connecting on Twitter (@JenPonceAuthor) and Facebook ( You can also send her email and she’ll write back. Visit to figure out how to do all of the above.
Jen. Writer of kick ass women and oogy monsters. One-handed, ax-wielding zombie hunter/reader.


Books By Jen Ponce

Devany Miller Series (Dark Fantasy):
The Bazaar: Book 1
Slip Song: Book 2

Demon’s Cradle: Book 3
World Weaver: Book 4

Queen Trilogy (Horror):
Bug Queen: Book 1

Blood Tetralogy (Horror, LGBTQ, Erotica)
Blood Curse: Book 1
Blood Drunk: Book 2

Test Brothers Series (Romance):
Counting On Your Love: Book 1

Hell Wrecker Serial (Dark Fantasy)
Addiction: Part 1

Craving: Part 2

Short Story Collections:
Things That Creep
Touch But A Web


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Review of Dying For A Living by Kory Shrum

ebook cover-2



Genre: Urban Fantasy


*This is book one, and it is currently Free on Amazon*


Jessie Sullivan has a job that would make most people shudder. She dies for a living. As one of the world’s small percentage of Necronites (not zombie, that term is not politically correct), Jessie is able to survive dying. The government has a death replacement program, so Jessie is given a client who will die, and she dies in his or her stead. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks Necronites should have the same rights as regular people, and someone wants Necronites out of the picture. After being murdered, Jessie must unravel the secrets of her past if she is to keep those she loves safe and keep herself from permanent death.


Dying For A Living by Kory Shrum was a fantastic reimagining of zombies. The story is set in the modern world with some very specific differences, and I was instantly sucked into the world of Necronites and AMPs. Jessie is a humorous character with a sarcastic attitude that I loved immediately. I loved the idea of Jessie being a death replacement agent, and what Jessie deals with by dying so frequently makes the story fun and kept me guessing about what was really happening. Jessie’s past is full of secrets that kept me turning the pages because I needed to know what would happen next. Because this is the first of a series (book 2 is out and book 3 is available for pre-order), the end does not wrap everything up, and it does end on a cliffhanger. This book was a lot of fun to read, and I definitely recommend it. I can’t wait to read the next one.



You can purchase Dying For A Living here:

Google Play


About the author:


author photo


Kory M. Shrum lives in Michigan with her partner and a ferocious guard pug. She has dabbled in everything from fortune telling to martial arts and when not reading or writing, she can be found teaching, traveling, and wearing a gi. This award-winning author specializes in dark fantasy and supernatural suspense, which includes the popular Jesse Sullivan series.

She’d love to hear from you on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, or her blog:





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Review of Reawakening by Lisa McCourt Hollar

Reawakening cover



*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book.

Genre: Paranormal, urban fantasy


When Francine’s grandmother died, she was forced to take a job at a little market in order to pay her bills. One strange New Year’s night teaches her just how little she knows about the world. The people she works with are not at all who she thought they were, and suddenly she finds herself in the midst of a world full of otherworldly creatures, one of which is extremely dangerous. Women are being killed and Francine, who may be more than she believes she is, must work with an angel, a psychic, and a werewolf to stop the killer. But Francine must determine if the vampire is really the enemy, or if some other creature is to blame for all the killings.


Reawakening by Lisa McCourt Hollar was an action-packed paranormal read. There was just enough detail to give me an understanding of the world the author created, which made this a quick and exciting read because the story is focused on the action. Francine is a character that I loved instantly. She’s strong and a little dark, and even when her world is turned inside out, she remains strong. Hunter is another excellent character because he’s just the right blend of dark and light. The story is set in the modern world, where otherworldly creatures exist beside humans although the humans are unaware of them. Reawakening does end on a cliffhanger, and I’m looking forward to the next book. This is a fantastic book, and I definitely recommend reading it.


About the author:


Lisa McCourt Hollar writes both horror and children’s stories. She has stories included in several anthologies, including the Satan’s Toybox and is currently working to finish Reverberations,the follow up to her YA novella, Reawakening. She is most proud of her children’s stories, mainly because with each one, her son declares it to be his favorite book. She has two new children’s books coming out in September, Tabby’s Haunted Friends, part of her Tabby’s Haunted series, and Fanny Nightsky and the Fairy Trap, the second in her ToothFairy Adventures. Lisa lives in Ohio with 3 of her children and a husband who also writes, which sometimes makes home life a little insane.