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Review of The Middle of Somewhere by Sonja Yoerg

The Middle of Somewhere by Sonja Yoerg


*Disclaimer: I received a review copy from NetGalley

Genre: Women’s fiction

Release date: September 1, 2015

Publisher: NAL Accent/Penguin


Liz Kroft sets out on a hike across Yosemite in an effort to find some inner peace amidst the wilderness. When her boyfriend, Dante, decides to tag along, Liz fears that his presence will make the solitude she’s seeking impossible. Dante’s upbringing has instilled specific beliefs of right and wrong in him, and Liz worries she does not live up to his morals. Unexpected trials await them on their hike, and Liz must face her demons, or face the danger alone.


The Middle of Somewhere by Sonja Yoerg is a beautiful story of a woman finding the strength within her to accept all of herself—even the parts she doesn’t want to face. The backdrop to this story is the Yosemite wilderness, and the author has taken great pains to bring the wilderness to life. The details were incredible and made me feel as if I was on the hike too. Much of the plot involves Liz fighting her inner demons, but there are plenty of external trials for Liz and Dante to face as well, which I found exciting. Yoerg’s ability to create an external world that reflected Liz’s internal world added an element to the book that I truly enjoyed. This is a beautifully written book with characters I could easily identify with, and I definitely recommend reading it.