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Review of Waning Metaphorically by Michael Poeltl

WAning meta


Genre: Short story collection, general fiction


About this Anthology:

Not every story is meant to be a novel, and with so many stories circling an author’s head at any given time, a short story is sometimes the best format in which to package it. Bang for your buck! Condensed story-telling.

This collection of shorts and flash fiction features fourteen multi-genre stories offering the reader a range of opportunities to slip away while on their commute, a day at the beach, or lunch break. Short stories offer real-time entertainment in a world that demands instant gratification.

Waning Metaphorically is intended to excite the reader’s emotions and asks them to question, always. The stories within should inspire introspection on a number of topics and leave the reader more curious about their own points of view while, at times, admitting the authors are spot-on.

It is recommended the stories are read in the order they are presented, but then, order is just another’s perception of how things ought to be.

Life is a Metaphor. A metaphor is a symbol. A symbol is a sign. Watch for the signs.



My Review:

Waning Metaphorically by Michael Poeltl contains an array of short stories that range from flash fiction to longer stories. Several of the stories are written from the point of view of an emotion, which I found to be thought provoking as well as entertaining. “Death Wish” was probably the story that I found the most memorable. The story examines guilt on an extreme level. The main character of the story cannot move forward from the past he created. When I learned what happened in his past, I couldn’t help but feel awful for him. It’s the kind of story that stuck with me for days. Given my love for the season of Halloween, I also really enjoyed the story, “A Halloween Special.” Two not-so-bright artists concoct a bizarre plan to dig up a body from a cemetery. This story had me laughing and shaking my head at the characters, and the end took me by surprise. There are many other enjoyable stories in this collection, and I loved that the stories were of varying lengths because it made it easy to read a quick story while taking a break. I definitely recommend giving this collection a read.


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Stolen Dreams

This is my entry for Anna Meade’s (aka the Dark Fairy Queen) Midsummer Night’s Dream flash fiction contest. The competition calls for a 400 word story, which is officially difficult to do! My story comes in at 405 words. This story may have started a short story collection, but we’ll see how it goes. I hope you enjoy it 🙂


Stolen Dreams

By S.M. Lowry © 2015

A welcome breeze swept through Melaina’s hair. The sweltering heat of the city below rose to lick her skin. From her perch on the hill overlooking the city, she gazed at the dream energy of the city’s inhabitants.

The stars twinkled above her, and the full moon hung heavy. She knew now there was only one way to escape her otherworldly prison.

Melaina photobucket

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She rifled through the dreams of the city until she found the woman who dreamed of him.

A smile turned up her lips as she drank in his form through the woman’s dream. How she longed to caress him, to let her fingers dance over his body, through his luscious curls.



The woman’s eyes widened as she stepped onto the shimmering beach in her silk pajamas. Melaina plastered a smile onto her face to welcome Rachel.

“What is this place?” Rachel asked in wonder.

“A world where dreams come true.” Holding out an apple, Melaina added, “Eat this. It will take you to a world of magic that surpasses your dreams. There, you can live forever.”

Rachel’s eyes narrowed. “I’ve seen Snow White. It’s probably poisoned. No one lives forever.”

“They do in Faery.”

“Faery,” Rachel breathed. “Is that where we are?”

Melaina shook her head. “This is the in-between. Faery is even more breathtaking than this world.”

Melaina bit the apple, letting the succulent juices flow over her tongue. She held it out to Rachel to do the same. Rachel eyed it suspiciously. Melaina held her breath. Her plan would fail if Rachel refused to eat the apple of her own free will.

The crunch of apple skin was music to Melaina’s ears. She let out a breath. The magic hit her with the force of a drum, ripping her soul to shreds. The pain brought her to her knees as her body tore itself apart. She heard a scream, but whether hers or Rachel’s, she didn’t know.

At last the pain ebbed, and Melaina stood. She looked down at her body, clothed in silk pajamas. A smile stole over face.

Rachel jumped up. “What have you done?” she screamed.

Melaina ignored her and waltzed out of the dream world.

A hand gripped her shoulder. “Baby, wake up. It’s just a dream.”

Melaina smiled to herself as she gazed up at the concerned face of the man—her man—hovering over her.

The dreams of others now belonged to her.



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Review of The Thin Places by Laura K. Cowan


Genre: Fantasy, Magical Realism


The Thin Places by Laura K. Cowan is a collection of supernatural short stories. The stories include many different kinds of fantasy, ranging from stories where reality is fluid, changing before the character’s eyes, to stories of dreams that influence the waking world, to stories where characters cross the veil. The stories in this collection have a running theme of hope and healing. The characters discover that the natural world contains more than what we normally see, and it’s through this understanding that the characters can change their world and heal.


The Thin Places is one of the best collections of short stories I’ve read. Each story held me fascinated, and I felt like I was on a mystical journey with the characters. Laura’s writing flows so well that I could easily imagine the supernatural overlaying the natural as she created it in these stories. I loved how some of the stories left the reader to decide what was real and what was illusion. Laura does an excellent job of creating a world for her characters where anything is possible, and her writing persuades readers that this magic can be found in their own life, if only they choose to see it.


The Thin Places is available here.


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