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Review of Shadows in the Water by Kory Shrum

Genre: Fantasy Crime Thriller

*I received an advanced copy for review; however, I also purchased the book (and I have no regrets!).

Louie Thorne was not granted an easy life. From childhood, Lou has had a special ability that has made being normal a difficult task since she must be alert in water and darkness. When her parents are brutally murdered, Lou learns to master her powers to destroy the crime family that killed her family. While the darkness now makes Lou feel safe, it has also taken away any hope of living a normal life. So Lou’s aunt convinces Lou to help a retired DEA agent on a missing person’s case. Her aunt hopes to reign in Lou’s darkness, but it may just be that Lou’s darkness is the only thing that can bring the truth of her parents’ murderer to light.



Shadows in the Water sucked me in even faster than Shrum’s Jessie Sullivan novels—and I’m a big fan of the Jessie novels. Shadows in the Water is a completely different kind of story from the Jessie Sullivan novels, and I have to say, I think Shrum has found her niche in thrillers. I loved how there were several points of view, and I was impressed at how well they all came together in the end. Lou was an intriguing character with her special abilities and her cold demeanor. I thought her lack of emotions was well written and made her an interesting character, but it made her difficult for me to connect with. However, I enjoyed Lou and my lack of connection to her, while noticeable, did not affect my enjoyment of the book. On the other hand, I fell in love with King, Mel, and Konstantine. King and Konstantine were full of emotional depth, and Mel’s sassy attitude made me instantly like her. Shadows in the Water was hard to put down; I really wanted to read it all in one sitting. I was glad to see this was the start to a new series because I hated to see this book end! This is a must-read novel, and I highly recommend it.


You can purchase Shadows in the Water from Amazon.


If you haven’t read the Jessie Sullivan novels, take a look around Kory Shrum’s website and check out her books. Dying for a Living is free on Amazon.

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Review of “Bernie and the Putty” by Steve LeBel

*Disclaimer: I received an Advanced Review Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Bernie and the Putty is a YA Fantasy novel.


Bernie is a young god fresh out of Builder’s school trying to get a job with The Business. Gods who become Builders work for The Business building universes. Bernie is hired, and during his probationary period, he must create an adequate universe to keep his job. Unfortunately for Bernie, his enemy, Billy, works in the cubicle next to him and has no intention of letting him pass his probation. On top of dealing with Billy, Bernie discovers something has happened on his planet that he never anticipated. Bernie’s boss is displeased with his work and wants to fire him, but Bernie’s friend comes to the rescue by nominating him for a Universe Award. Now Bernie not only has to prevent disaster in his universe, but he has to make sure the universe is outstanding enough to win an award so he can keep his job.

This book was fantastic! I was riveted, wanting to know what was going to happen to Bernie. The story has humor, a well thought out world of gods and their creations, and subplots interwoven in a way that makes this book difficult to put down. Bernie has many challenges he must overcome, including living up to his powerful Builder father who abandoned him, being poor, and dealing with his chaos cloud and his enemy, Billy. This is a fascinating tale of good vs. evil and of a young hero on a journey of self-discovery. I highly recommend this book not only to young adults but also to anyone who wants an enjoyable fantasy read.

Bernie and the Putty will be available May 30, 2014.

You can purchase it here:

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