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Review of Burning The Devil by Jen Ponce



Burning the devil big


Genre: mystery, suspense, horror



Gwen Colburn hasn’t had an easy life, so when she meets Neo Tucker, it seems too good to be true. Gwen’s rough childhood makes it difficult for her to trust, but Neo’s respectful and caring manner make her drop her defenses. Not everyone in Gwen’s life finds Neo so trustworthy, however. Sam has been following Neo’s story for years—and the many lives that are lost in his wake. When the man who murdered Gwen’s sister returns, Gwen wonders if he may be connected to Neo. Is the killer really connected to Neo, or do the rumors of supernatural involvement hold some truth?


My Review

Jen Ponce once again had me riveted to my iPad while reading Burning The Devil. I was hooked from the beginning by the intriguing character of Gwen. She’s a mechanic with a horrific past, and she can’t quite disentangle herself from the emotional damage it inflicted upon her. I could feel the burden and the pain that Gwen lived with and could easily imagine how difficult that must make her life. Neo was the swoon-worthy gentleman of a woman’s dreams. He was kind and understanding of Gwen’s issues, and he was a good man that asked Gwen’s permission to kiss her. All of the characters were complex, with both dark and light sides, which made them identifiable and kept me engrossed in their world. Burning The Devil has elements of mystery, suspense, romance, and horror, and the pace of the story was perfect for keeping me captivated. I think Burning The Devil has enough layers to appeal to a broad range of readers, including those who like a little romance and supernatural, in addition to readers who love mysteries and thrillers. I recommend giving Burning The Devil by Jen Ponce a read. And be sure to check out her many other incredible books at her website, You’ll be glad you did!


About the Author

Jen Ponce author

This world needs more readers. Readers are open-minded, imaginative, and more empathetic. Picking up a book, whether one of Jen’s fantasy-fueled novels or someone else’s thriller, puts another person’s perspective of the world in your hands. (Unless you’re telepathic, then you’ve already experienced being in another person’s head. Good thing about books? Organized thoughts. Bad thing about people’s heads? Unorganized chaos, judging from my own stream.)
Pick up a book and enter a new world. See Tibet without getting on an airplane. (Good for those of you who are afraid to fly.) Live with cannibals without getting eaten. (Good for those of you who don’t want to be eaten.) Become a lion-tamer, an assassin, or a lover. Ride a dragon, eat a dinosaur (Come on, who hasn’t wondered what they taste like?), or fall in love with a man who looks like Fabio.
Do it from the comfort of your couch, your bed, the hard, plastic seat on the subway next to the man dressed in pink taffeta, singing songs about chickens. Whatever you do, don’t stop reading. And if you haven’t started reading, grab a book!
Jen’s love for reading came from her mom, who valued books above all things (except maybe the Dallas Cowboys and Michael Jordan.) She writes for the same reason some people run marathons, climb mountains, sculpt, paint, or put on suits of Mentos and jump into vats of Coke: because there is a fire burning inside her that doesn’t let her NOT do these things. Writing is necessary, like breathing or double chocolate chip cookies and perfectly salted potato chips.
Reading is not a lost pastime and Jen refuses to believe that something so magical could ever go away. Even during the zombie apocalypse, she will be reading. She will have to learn how to wield an ax in one hand while holding her book in the other.
Jen lives in the Panhandle of Nebraska, with her boys, her cats, her goldfish Reggie and a large supply of books that help insulate the house in the winter and expand her mind.
She loves connecting on Twitter (@JenPonceAuthor) and Facebook ( You can also send her email and she’ll write back. Visit to figure out how to do all of the above.
Jen. Writer of kick ass women and oogy monsters. One-handed, ax-wielding zombie hunter/reader.


Books By Jen Ponce

Devany Miller Series (Dark Fantasy):
The Bazaar: Book 1
Slip Song: Book 2

Demon’s Cradle: Book 3
World Weaver: Book 4

Queen Trilogy (Horror):
Bug Queen: Book 1

Blood Tetralogy (Horror, LGBTQ, Erotica)
Blood Curse: Book 1
Blood Drunk: Book 2

Test Brothers Series (Romance):
Counting On Your Love: Book 1

Hell Wrecker Serial (Dark Fantasy)
Addiction: Part 1

Craving: Part 2

Short Story Collections:
Things That Creep
Touch But A Web

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Review of Controlled Descent (Restoration Adventures Book 1) by K.M. Herkes

Controlled Descent med


Genre: Sci-fi, dystopian, romance, mystery


A sabotaged plane leads to a whole new way of life for Justin Wyatt. Already a genius, the plane crash has now given him strange powers. Alison Gregorio lands her dream job at a law firm and believes she has it made. Until her office is blown up while she is away, and everyone she works with is suddenly dead. When a stranger rescues her from a similar fate, Alison finds herself in the same place as Justin, the client her firm believed dead. With the help of Alison and two hired men, Carl and Parker, Justin must find the people responsible for sabotaging his plane before they use Justin’s inventions to wreak havoc on the world.


My Review:

Controlled Descent by K.M. Herkes has a little bit of everything, from science fiction to romance to mystery, all woven seamlessly together to create an excellent read that is hard to put down. Each character is well developed, and several of the characters have intriguing special abilities. The plot is full of action and intrigue, but it’s the characters that make the story the wonderful read that it is. All of the characters are flawed, some of them quite seriously. The characters are easy to identify with because of their flaws, and I became quite invested in how things would turn out for each character. I like how Herkes created a world in the future that is eerily familiar; while it isn’t the world we now know, it easily could be. I think the setting makes this book somewhat unique, and I highly recommend reading it. I’m looking forward to the next Restoration book.


About the Author:

K.M. Herkes

K. M. Herkes writes stories, lives in the Midwest and gets easily distracted by new things. If she isn’t lost in her own imagination or making book recommendations online, she’s outside in the garden, up to her elbows in dirt or wielding power tools with enthusiasm—unless she is at a desk in the local library, where she gets paid to play with books.

Professional development has included classroom teaching, animal training, aquaculture, horticulture, retail operations, and customer service. Personal development is ongoing.  Cats, baking, and flowers are involved. She is mostly quiet with a thirty-percent chance of loud, and everything else is subject to change without warning.

author website chock full o’ fun:


@dawnrigger on Twitter:

books & ebooks available for sale:




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Review of Things In Ditches by Jimmy Olsen

Things in Ditches


Genre: fiction, mystery



Things In Ditches by Jimmy Olsen is a wonderful read full of fascinating characters and plenty of mystery. The small town of Willow River is close knit until the death of a stranger brings chaos. Olsen has a wide range of characters and every one of them was fascinating and well written. I was particularly impressed with how well I was able to know the characters, yet not know them at all. Despite being in the minds of many of the characters, there was still plenty of mystery and surprise. My only complaint would be that a few times throughout the book the point of view switched from one character to the next without warning, which was a little confusing; however, this wasn’t problematic enough for me to lose interest in the story. We’re told from the beginning who the killer is, but that doesn’t end the mystery. Things In Ditches is a fantastic book, and I highly recommend reading it.


About the Author:

Author photo 2010 copy

Jimmy Olsen has authored three published books – Things In Ditches (2000) & Poison Makers (2011). His most recent, The Hero of Blind Pig Island and Other Island Stories (2012) is a paperback original. Things In Ditches was selected as Book-of-the-Month in August, 2001 by The Mystery Bookstore in Los Angeles. Poison Makers received a Starred Review in “Library Journal” and won the ForeWord Review’s Book of the Year Silver Award for 2011. The Hero of Blind Pig Island was a finalist for the same ForeWord Review award, 2012.

Jimmy Olsen and his wife Camille live in St. Cloud, Minnesota. They have three children and eight grandchildren. His novel Scuba is scheduled for release soon.*


*More information is available at

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Review of The Artist’s Love by S.H. Pratt

AL front copy


*Disclaimer: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


Genre: Contemporary romance


At the park copy



Rissa Daniels is being stalked. Spencer St. George’s life is in danger. Their families refuse to tell them the secrets of the past that haunt their present and affect their future. With every passing day and each new discovery, Spencer and Rissa grow closer to each other and to the truth until Rissa’s stalker becomes larger than life, forcing Spencer to reevaluate their relationship and his place as a St. George.
Knowing that they will never be free from the dark menace that hovers over them without taking matters into their own hands, Rissa and Spencer make a decision that will forever change the future of their relationship. Long-buried secrets come to light, long-dead ghosts are allowed to rest in peace, and long-festering wounds are able to heal… but they are not without cost. Together, Spencer and Rissa face their fears head-on in the hope that their actions will stop their families’ pasts from destroying their future.
Meet the family copy
Every inch copy

My Review:

The Artist’s Love by S.H. Pratt is the second half of the epic romance, The Artist’s Touch. The Artist’s Love is a fantastic romance filled with sizzling love scenes, family secrets, and a bit of murder mystery. The family secrets that had me glued to the first book are finally revealed in this book, but the mystery and excitement doesn’t end there. I loved how Pratt added murder mystery to the romance; it made it impossible for me to put the book down because there was so much going on, and I just had to know what would happen next. Pratt doesn’t skimp on the sexy loves scenes either. Peppered throughout the novel are smoking hot scenes that had me fanning myself. Rissa deals with some horrifying situations in this novel, and I love that Spencer  is so caring and helpful. He’s a swoon-worthy character! Rissa goes through some changes in the book because of things she deals with, but she remains a considerate, loving, and strong female throughout. If you love hot love scenes, family secrets, and a dash of psychopath, then look no further than The Artist’s Love. (The two books must be read in order, so go grab The Artist’s Touch if you haven’t already.) I highly recommend reading this book!



Evan copy

The Artist’s Love is the sequel to The Artist’s Touch.


AT cover copy


You can purchase The Artist’s Touch here:

Amazon: The Artist’s Touch


About the Author:

SH Pratt

I’m a native Montanan and the youngest of seven children. I’m the mom of three profoundly gifted children who take my lack of sanity as a challenge to make me sane. Currently, we live in Olympia, Washington.
I began writing in high school, completing my first novel on a Commodore 64, saved on, I can’t tell you how many floppy disks. I have no idea where that novel is and if I did, I’d have no way to retrieve it. I stopped writing to pursue my education but quickly realized I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up… oddly, I still don’t know. So I decided to find a “real job”. Over the course of the next twenty years, I was everything from a barista, to a restaurant manager, to a purchasing agent and an administrative assistant to the owner of a fire truck construction company and everything in between.
I didn’t get serious about writing until a couple of years ago. By the time I worked up the nerve to attempt self-publishing, I’d amassed a stack of rejection letters and seven complete manuscripts. I became a writer because it was either that or go mad from the people in my head that seemed to get louder as I got older. The first three books that I wrote after ‘growing up’ a bit were published in paperback only and only to those who special ordered it. It will never be printed or released again due to the nature of my mental state when I wrote it. I was in a very bad place, emotionally, and those three books were my therapeutic catharsis. The first book I wrote and subsequently published was Always My Love and it was more of a homecoming, the characters involved, a withdrawn and wary writer (see what I did there LOL) goes back to her version of “home” which is her best friend/cousin. I wrote the cousin based on my own best friend/cousin and from there I wrote of new beginnings with the cousin’s friend who gives the author a reason to see “home” differently. It was another way to heal after everything at home melted.

I prefer to write contemporary romance with a heavy emphasis on psychology and the emotions of my characters. I feel that if my reader can feel what the character feels and can identify with it, I’ve done my job. After Always My Love, the books that I’ve written have been a different sort of therapy. Working on my issues with spousal abuse, cheating, date rape, PTSD and a myriad of other hot button issues that I’ve seen first-hand in my life via my siblings and other experiences. I love to do the research involved with deep psychological issues and creating the character that everyone loves to hate. The book I love the most is Shy of Tomorrow. It just touches a place in my heart where books live as it’s about a librarian who finds more than she bargains for in the aisles of the library. One other thing that I simply love to write about is multiples. So far, five of my eleven books have either twins or triplets, with six more WIPs actively being worked on with twins or triplets. As for a muse… well, ideas come from all sorts of odd places… music, places I drive by, my dreams, people in general. Life inspires me.

Author Links:

Facebook Author Page (likes):
Facebook Author Page (personal):
Newsletter Sign-up:
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Review of The Sword of Moses by Dominic Selwood

Sword of Moses

Genre: mystery/thriller


Ava is a not-so-typical archaeologist living in Baghdad when she is summoned by the government to help them determine if an ancient Biblical artifact is genuine. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned because the Ark of the Covenant is wanted by governments, elusive groups, and a man who wants it to perform a bloody ritual. Ava soon finds herself on a hunt for the missing Ark of the Covenant – a hunt that leads her and her partner, Ferguson, down a dangerous path of conspiracy and deadly beliefs. Ava is surrounded by people who need her expertise, but they hold secrets that Ava must discover if she is to learn where the artifacts are and what the people want them for, so she can bring to light some of archaeology’s most valuable ancient treasures.


A friend of mine told me The Sword of Moses was similar to Dan Brown’s novels, and I was not disappointed. Although the book is a little lengthy for my tastes, Dominic Selwood weaves history, religions, politics, and magic together seamlessly in this book, creating a world of mystery, intrigue, and conspiracy that is hard to put down and equally as hard to guess what will happen. The rich historical and religious details added to my enjoyment of the novel, although occasionally I felt some of the details detracted from the action scenes. I loved the main character, Ava. She is a woman who can hold her own and settles for nothing less than the truth about everything. This book was equally as enjoyable as Dan Brown’s novels, and I would recommend The Sword of Moses to fans of Dan Brown and to those who just want a thriller rife with history, religion, and conspiracy.


About the author

Dominic Selwood

Dr Dominic Selwood is an author, historian, lecturer, and barrister. He is passionate about everything historical, especially medieval.


He started his career as a criminal barrister in London, appearing in serious cases including kidnapping, murder, contract killing, and terrorism. He is now a specialist in the Middle East, and lives in London with his wife and two children.


He is an elected Fellow of the Royal Historical Society in recognition of his original research, has a degree in English and French law from Cardiff and Poitiers, a masters in Byzantine and Near-Eastern Christian history from the Sorbonne, and a doctorate in medieval history from New College, Oxford.


He has been awarded numerous commercial and academic scholarships, has taught and lectured on warfare, religion, heresy, the Templars, and all the fun medieval stuff at universities in Oxford, Paris, London and elsewhere in the UK, France, and Italy.


Find Dominic online: