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Stolen Dreams

This is my entry for Anna Meade’s (aka the Dark Fairy Queen) Midsummer Night’s Dream flash fiction contest. The competition calls for a 400 word story, which is officially difficult to do! My story comes in at 405 words. This story may have started a short story collection, but we’ll see how it goes. I hope you enjoy it 🙂


Stolen Dreams

By S.M. Lowry © 2015

A welcome breeze swept through Melaina’s hair. The sweltering heat of the city below rose to lick her skin. From her perch on the hill overlooking the city, she gazed at the dream energy of the city’s inhabitants.

The stars twinkled above her, and the full moon hung heavy. She knew now there was only one way to escape her otherworldly prison.

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She rifled through the dreams of the city until she found the woman who dreamed of him.

A smile turned up her lips as she drank in his form through the woman’s dream. How she longed to caress him, to let her fingers dance over his body, through his luscious curls.



The woman’s eyes widened as she stepped onto the shimmering beach in her silk pajamas. Melaina plastered a smile onto her face to welcome Rachel.

“What is this place?” Rachel asked in wonder.

“A world where dreams come true.” Holding out an apple, Melaina added, “Eat this. It will take you to a world of magic that surpasses your dreams. There, you can live forever.”

Rachel’s eyes narrowed. “I’ve seen Snow White. It’s probably poisoned. No one lives forever.”

“They do in Faery.”

“Faery,” Rachel breathed. “Is that where we are?”

Melaina shook her head. “This is the in-between. Faery is even more breathtaking than this world.”

Melaina bit the apple, letting the succulent juices flow over her tongue. She held it out to Rachel to do the same. Rachel eyed it suspiciously. Melaina held her breath. Her plan would fail if Rachel refused to eat the apple of her own free will.

The crunch of apple skin was music to Melaina’s ears. She let out a breath. The magic hit her with the force of a drum, ripping her soul to shreds. The pain brought her to her knees as her body tore itself apart. She heard a scream, but whether hers or Rachel’s, she didn’t know.

At last the pain ebbed, and Melaina stood. She looked down at her body, clothed in silk pajamas. A smile stole over face.

Rachel jumped up. “What have you done?” she screamed.

Melaina ignored her and waltzed out of the dream world.

A hand gripped her shoulder. “Baby, wake up. It’s just a dream.”

Melaina smiled to herself as she gazed up at the concerned face of the man—her man—hovering over her.

The dreams of others now belonged to her.



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Review of Beneath the Rainbow by Lisa Shambrook

Beneath the rainbow

Warning: This book will make you cry!

Seven-year-old Freya is about to have her life changed forever. As she’s leaving the park one day, Freya is hit by a car and killed. What appears to be the end of little Freya’s story is just the beginning. We travel with Freya as she finds herself in the in-between, struggling to deal with her mother’s grief. Freya dreams of creating a beautiful rainbow, but as hard as she tries, she can’t create the rainbow of her dreams. Back on earth, Freya’s mother is lost in her bereavement until she finds a letter with some of Freya’s dreams written on it. And Freya’s old neighbor fights for his life against an illness, one last dream in his heart. These dreams work their magic in the lives of Freya and those touched by her.

Enchanting and heart-warming! I highly recommend this book to everyone. Beneath the Rainbow takes the reader on a journey through heartbreak, grief, redemption, and the power of keeping dreams alive. This story had me crying from the very beginning, but it’s as much about friendship and healing as it is about grief and loss. The descriptions are vivid throughout the story, drawing the reader in to the world Freya currently inhabits and also to the world she left behind. The story is every parent’s nightmare, and the reader can easily identify with the characters. Beneath the Rainbow is emotional, engaging, and difficult to put down, even when you’re crying while reading it in public. This is a must-read not only for those who have experienced loss but for anyone who’s looking for an emotional, heart-warming story.

Beneath the Rainbow is available now on Amazon

And Barnes & Noble:

To learn more about the author, Lisa Shambrook, please visit her website: