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Review of The Art of Loving (Picture of Love Series Book 1) by S.H. Pratt

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***This review and novel are intended only for 18 and over***


*Disclaimer: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


Genre: Romance



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Adam Green knew women.  He knew them to be cold, cruel, and heartless… and he knew that he didn’t want that particular brand of misery.  He scorned his twin brother, Austin, for yearning for the warmth of love and scoffed when Austin followed his girlfriend back to Montana.  When Adam finds himself alone and fighting for life in the hospital, the only person who refuses to leave him is the one woman who makes him the most uncomfortable.

Angie Hartman was a hopeless romantic wrapped in a pretty package, tied up with a ribbon of realism.  She was thrilled for her best friend, Fiona, when Austin Green showed that love was something Fiona could have, but was terrified that he was pushing her back to Montana and the horror that lived there.  When Austin’s brother, Adam, lands in the hospital, fighting to live, Angie’s past threatens to overwhelm her.  Unable to bear the idea that Adam is alone, she ignores his obvious mistrust of women and resolutely stays by his side.

As Adam and Angie build a tenuous friendship, Adam finds himself reassessing his belief that women were only there to serve as a one night stand and nothing more.  Angie tempts him with her sugar spun kisses, quiet strength, and willingness to see past the growling, grizzly bear behavior that has kept women away in the past.  In an unguarded moment, Angie sends Adam into a terrified panic while pushing her into a dangerous depression.  Can Adam overcome his own past and repair his relationship with Angie before it’s too late?



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My review:


The Art of Loving by S.H. Pratt is an exciting love story with plenty of complications. The characters were realistic, with the kind of baggage that real people have, which is something I love in a story. I was able to identify with the characters, which made me care about whether or not they got their happy ending. I absolutely loved that the main female character, Angie, and her best friend were pierced and tattooed. I love to see female characters that are strong, and Angie and Fiona are women who work to overcome the traumas of the past and find love without sacrificing their own identities. There were plenty of hot sex scenes, and just when I thought happily ever after was assured, some new issue came along that had me yelling at my iPad but also kept me hooked into the story to find out how it would resolve. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I will be going back to read The Crazy Mountain Series (Austin’s story), and I look forward to the next book.



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