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The Devil and Where He Lives, Part 1

Good thoughts on details in stories by author M.A. Ray.

Saga of Menyoral

“The devil is in the details.”

People say that all the time. They also say God is in the details, and I think both sayings are true. Regarding fiction, what I’d say is “Reality is in the details.”

Details make things feel real, feel true. Details about a character’s mannerisms make him or her come alive on the page; so can details like speech patterns or body language. But how do you know how much detail to include? Where’s the balance between, “Wow!” and “Oh, my God, who cares what his toenails are like?”

I’d like to say I have the perfect answer that will work in all cases, but I just don’t have one. Experience helps, and I mean experience as in reading. Read and find out how much you like, and how much you’d rather fill in, or have potential readers fill in for themselves. It’s a…

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“You Have No Power Over Me” : Why the movie Labyrinth matters

One of my favorite movies! There are some important thoughts on Labyrinth in this post.

Views From the Tesseract

I was a kid of the 1980s.  I was a SF/Fantasy loving kid who ate up movies and books with the full glee of a kid creating their pop culture references for the first time.  I was there to watch Elliot lay a trail of Reeses Pieces for E.T.   I was there to sob as Artax was swallowed in the pits of Despair (quick edit!  It’s actually the Swamps of Sadness as a commenter pointed out–the Pits of Despair is indeed from the Princess Bride).   It was Inigo Montoya I invoked whenever I picked up a toy sword.  I watched The Navigator, Explorers, Legend, the Dark Crystal, Ghostbusters . . . the list goes on.   And then there was Labyrinth (1986).

Labyrinth was the first movie I ever saw in the theaters without an adult.  My best friend and I went to see it for my birthday…

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P.A.W.S Reboot!

M.A. Ray’s interview with author Debbie Manber Kupfer.

Saga of Menyoral

Today I’m celebrating, with Debbie Manber Kupfer, the release of a new edition of her book P.A.W.S. This exciting story chronicles the adventures of Miri Katz, a girl with a fascinating family heritage and a necklace that’s more than it seems.

I sat down with Debbie to ask her a few questions about the book.

What books were you reading that gave you the idea for P.A.W.S.? What lack did you see in the book world that you wanted to fill?

Great question.

I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and my favorite book has always been book 3 when the idea of the animagus was first introduced, but I felt it didn’t go far enough. I wanted to know how – what did Professor McGonagal and Sirius and James and the others actually do to learn to turn themselves into animals. What was the process like? Did you choose…

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