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Release Day Blitz: Bullies Like Me by Lindy Zart

bullies like me

Title: Bullies like Me

Genre: YA

Author: Lindy Zart

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If you can make it out of Enid High School alive, you can make it through anything.

Alexis is the new girl at school, and she’s ruthlessly bullied. Hopeless, and drowning in her present reality, she takes pills—lots of pills. She’s sent to a mental health facility, where she meets a boy. Only the boy can’t save her, and no one can save her from herself.

Nick has secrets. He wants to open up to Alexis, but there’s the dead boy who haunts him. In his dreams. While he’s awake. He wants to be brave, but he can’t tell her about his past, and he can’t leave the facility.

Melanie rules over the school, until a nobody named Lexie tries to disrupt her reign. She won’t allow that. She also can’t stop it. She plummets into notoriety, but she’s determined to take them all with her. The girl, the boy, and their secrets.





Nick’s arm brushes against mine as we cross the street, and he flinches.

I grit my teeth, holding in my irritation until we reach the beginning of the path. Then I slam my hands on my hips and glare at him. “Okay, what is your deal? If you really didn’t want to be with me today, why didn’t you just say it?”

He opens his mouth.

My glower deepens.

“I don’t like being out in public. I don’t…like being around people,” he says after a pause. “I like to be alone.”

I throw my arms up in frustration. “Then why did you agree to this?”

Nick steps closer. “But I like to be with you more than I like to be alone, and even though I don’t like to be around people, I like to be around you—probably more than I should. How could I say no to being with you, even if it’s in a setting I despise?”

“That’s messed up,” I say, shaking my head, even as a warm glow fills my insides.

“I’m messed up.”

“You’re not, not really.”

He lowers his head, taking my hands in his. Examining them. It feels like fire and ice when we touch. Sparks and frost. “You have no idea, Alexis.” Nick threads our fingers together, lifting our hands between us, and looks at me.

“Tell me,” I whisper, feeling like I can’t breathe. My air is caught somewhere within the magnetic pull of blue-green seas. Who needs to breathe anyway?

“Someday,” he promises, and then, with our hands still entwined, he leans forward and kisses me.

His lips are soft, firm. Magic. Tasting of dreams and hope. And grief too. I’m kissing not only Nick, but his soul as well. I feel his heartbeat with my lips. I taste the feelings he has for me, and they are overwhelming. Catastrophically beautiful. The kiss lasts long enough to rearrange everything inside me, to steal my breath, to give it back. To let me know Nick has the power to ruin me. To let me know I’d probably let him.


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USA Today bestselling author Lindy Zart writes in a multitude of fictional genres because, well, her brain requires it so she stays somewhat sane. She has been writing since she was a child, but luckily for readers, her writing has improved since then.

She lives in Wisconsin with her family. Lindy loves hearing from people who enjoy her work. She also has a completely healthy obsession with the following: coffee, wine, pizza, peanut butter, and bloody marys.

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The Charmed Life of Taryn by Lindy Zart


The Charmed Life of Taryn
Lindy Zart
YA Fantasy/Paranormal
the day Taryn Smith turns eighteen, her life changes—and not just
because she can now legally vote. A black-eyed man with a chilly aura
accosts her, and a stilted breath later, she’s abducted by a man who
claims he’s a Manang; a half-man, half-angel being who lives in a
world called Urian. Side note: he may or may not be insane.

to a mansion in the middle of a grassy field surrounded by forest,
and partnered with a black-haired, blue-eyed man with a surly nature
who makes her heart spin, Taryn trains. For what, she doesn’t know.
She’s told she’s someone special; a Charmed, and the key to winning
in a battle of worlds about to collide. Only problem is, she can be a
weapon of good, or a weapon of bad.


#halfangels #war #thecharmedlifeoftaryn #lindyzart #newrelease #ya
#youngadult #paranormal #fantasy #humor #actionadventure #romance
#amazon #bn #ibooks #kobo 
Get up.”
I looked in the
direction of the door. “Go away.”
The door swung
open, and Luke marched for the bed. Even in the gray cast morning I
could see his lips pressed together, and that his eyes were promising
all kinds of retribution. It was a small consolation that he smelled
sweet, with a dash of bitter. From what I’d encountered so far,
that basically summed up Luke. Or maybe it was bitter, with a dash of
I flipped thick
hair off my face and glared back. “What do you want?”
What did I
tell you yesterday?”
I don’t
know and I don’t care.” It was too early for this. “I’m going
back to bed. Leave.”
I flopped to my
side and pulled the thick blanket up to my chin, closing my eyes with
a contented smile on my lips. The blanket was immediately torn from
me, along with all the warmth it provided. “Hey!”
Training for
you starts now.”
It’s in
the middle of the night,” I cried, grabbing for the blanket.
Luke kept it
out of my reach by putting a hand to my forehead. “It’s six in
the morning. It’s time to get up. I’ll be back in five minutes.
If you’re not ready and—” He leaned forward until our faces
were inches apart. “—positively cheerful, you won’t like what I
do next.”
Oh, yeah?”
I taunted as he strode from the room. “We’ll see about that, you
equally cheerful person!”
backtracked and I scrambled from the bed, suddenly awake and ready
for some training. I even gave him a smart salute. I caught his smirk
before he disappeared.
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Lindy Zart is the USA Today bestselling author of Roomies. She has
been writing since she was a child. Luckily for readers, her writing
has improved since then. She lives in Wisconsin with her family.
Lindy loves hearing from people who enjoy her work. She also has a
completely healthy obsession with the following: coffee, wine, bloody
marys, peanut butter, and pizza.


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Release Blitz: A Musician’s Tale

A Musician's Tale


A Musician’s Tale is an anthology that consists of interviews with musicians. Since R&RSMS published a book that talks about how music affects those who listen, the founder decided to do one about how it affects the ones who create music. All proceeds from the anthology will be donated to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

A Musician's Tale


An artist’s life is never easy. From the very beginning, they’re faced with struggles of criticism and self-doubt, making the lifestyle difficult.
But from the ashes, they will rise.
Despite all the negative they face, they use it to their advantage, using it to fuel their artistic side. We use music to escape. So do those who write or play music, creating the sounds we love the most.
A Musician’s Tale – Telling their stories.
AMT’s event:

A Musician's Tale


A Musician's Tale


Rock & Roll Saved My Soul publishes anthologies in which all proceeds go to different charities. They are looking for submissions for several different anthologies right now, so feel free to head over to the Facebook page and go to the Submissions Call album if you’re interested in helping them out by writing a story. They’ve published ones about domestic violence, bullying, rescuing animals, helping others out, and music saving lives so far. They’ll also publish books or short stories as long as all proceeds goes to charity.

A Musician's Tale


A Musician's Tale


Rock & Roll Saved My Soul’s anthologies:

Rock & Roll Saved My Soul Volume One:

Rock & Roll Saved My Soul Volume Two:

The Concert Experience: US:

A Musician's Tale


Dark Fantasia:

Random Acts of Kindness:

Fighting Chance:

Rescue Me: Stories of Hope:

Authors Against Bullying Volume One:

Authors Against Bullying Volume Two:

A Musician's Tale


Books Rock & Roll Saved My Soul has published:

Behind Closed Doors:

Finding Rachel:


Social Media:

Rock & Roll Saved My Soul:
Rock & Roll Saved My Soul
Authors Against Bullying:
Authors Against Bullying – Charity Book Series
Rescue Me:
Street Team:


A Musician's Tale


A Musician's Tale

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Free Series! Today Only!

If you like YA stories with a Dystopian/Sci-Fi feel, check these out. All three books in the Anything But series by Lindy Zart are FREE today!