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Review of Love Without a Compass by Lindy Zart


*Disclaimer: I received a review copy from NetGalley

Love Without a Compass by Lindy Zart is the story of two advertising coworkers who get stuck together on a company retreat. Unfortunately for both Ben and Avery, their boss is a bit eccentric, and the company retreat is a weekend of survival in the Illinois wilderness. What should be a fairly simple team building exercise of hiking in the wilderness turns out to be a life-threatening experience when the two end up lost and without most of their supplies. To make matters worse, Ben and Avery can’t stand one another and are constantly competing. Can the two of them work together long enough to survive? And more importantly, could this experience be just the thing to bring them closer?


Love Without a Compass is another fantastic novel by Lindy Zart. I have loved every book she’s written, and this one is no exception. Avery is a quirky character that is also smart and caring. Her bizarre fears cause her and Ben plenty of trouble, but they also make her interesting and fun to read. Ben has a big heart—even when he doesn’t want to. His kindness and compassion make him a lovable man that anyone would want. I really loved the plot. Getting lost in the wilderness initially seemed like a plot that would be predictable, but there was so much more to this story than I expected. The characters and the plot made this book a truly enjoyable read, and I definitely recommend it.