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Review of World Weaver (Book 4 in the Devany Miller Series) by Jen Ponce

World Weaver


Genre: Urban Fantasy



World Weaver by Jen Ponce is Book 4 in the Devany Miller Series. If you haven’t read the first three books, you will need to in order to follow the storyline. Plus, they are freaking awesome. In World Weaver, Devany’s daughter has been kidnapped by what she thought was a friend, and Devany will stop at nothing to find her. Meanwhile, the Witches’ Council is after Devany, the Riders are spreading the parasite, and Devany must journey through the past in order to prevent the Wild Magic from being destroyed.


My Review:

As with the rest of the Devany Miller Series, World Weaver by Jen Ponce was a thrilling ride through magical lands. One of my favorite things about this series is that there is so much going on. There’s never a down moment for Devany, which means when I pick up one of these books, I have a difficult time putting it down for anything. There’s just so much going on! Ponce’s fantasy worlds are intriguing and well thought out; I have no trouble picturing them or the creatures that inhabit them. Devany herself is a complex character, but she always strives to think of her children first and to do what she believes is the right thing (although that definitely backfires sometimes). Devany may have mixed feelings about Ty (the Skriven), but I absolutely love him. He’s arrogant and lustful, but he has a heart of gold where Devany is concerned. Neutria, the warrior spider, is another of my favorites. She has a one-track mind about power, but she’s actually quite funny. And a little bit disturbing. Like the other Devany Miller books, this book is a lot of fun to read, and I absolutely recommend it!


About the Author:

Jen Ponce author

This world needs more readers. Readers are open-minded, imaginative, and more empathetic. Picking up a book, whether one of Jen’s fantasy-fueled novels or someone else’s thriller, puts another person’s perspective of the world in your hands. (Unless you’re telepathic, then you’ve already experienced being in another person’s head. Good thing about books? Organized thoughts. Bad thing about people’s heads? Unorganized chaos, judging from my own stream.)
Pick up a book and enter a new world. See Tibet without getting on an airplane. (Good for those of you who are afraid to fly.) Live with cannibals without getting eaten. (Good for those of you who don’t want to be eaten.) Become a lion-tamer, an assassin, or a lover. Ride a dragon, eat a dinosaur (Come on, who hasn’t wondered what they taste like?), or fall in love with a man who looks like Fabio.
Do it from the comfort of your couch, your bed, the hard, plastic seat on the subway next to the man dressed in pink taffeta, singing songs about chickens. Whatever you do, don’t stop reading. And if you haven’t started reading, grab a book!
Jen’s love for reading came from her mom, who valued books above all things (except maybe the Dallas Cowboys and Michael Jordan.) She writes for the same reason some people run marathons, climb mountains, sculpt, paint, or put on suits of Mentos and jump into vats of Coke: because there is a fire burning inside her that doesn’t let her NOT do these things. Writing is necessary, like breathing or double chocolate chip cookies and perfectly salted potato chips.
Reading is not a lost pastime and Jen refuses to believe that something so magical could ever go away. Even during the zombie apocalypse, she will be reading. She will have to learn how to wield an ax in one hand while holding her book in the other.
Jen lives in the Panhandle of Nebraska, with her boys, her cats, her goldfish Reggie and a large supply of books that help insulate the house in the winter and expand her mind.
She loves connecting on Twitter (@JenPonceAuthor) and Facebook ( You can also send her email and she’ll write back. Visit to figure out how to do all of the above.
Jen. Writer of kick ass women and oogy monsters. One-handed, ax-wielding zombie hunter/reader.


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A Look At What I’ve Been Up To

Happy 2016!!

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays! I haven’t been writing as much the last couple of months as I would have liked. I got busy trying my hand at some do-it-yourself beauty products and a real food diet. (I am having a blast making my own beauty products!) Needless to say, I’ve taken a bit of a break from writing and reviewing. However, now that the holidays are over, I’m getting back into the swing of things. I have several reviews coming up for some fantastic books!

As far as writing goes, I decided a few days ago to put myself on a schedule to write something everyday. The next day, one of my friends on Facebook posted about a book called, 5000 Words Per Hour by Chris Fox. She was talking about how much she’d written that day by doing five-minute sprints. I figured this was a book I had to check out.

I read through it the first night (it’s a fairly short book), and then tried my hand at a couple of five-minute sprints. I was floored by how many words I was able to write in five minutes. 187 and 178 words! I had already scheduled time the next morning before work to write, so I decided I’d do a couple of five-minute sprints. I didn’t make the word count that I had the night before, but it was still an impressive word count for me. I was averaging closer to 150 words for those sprints. What really struck me about putting the sprints in such short time spans was that I wrote the whole time and it didn’t seem long enough! This is incredible for me. Usually, I sit down to write and stare at the page, no words forthcoming, painstakingly force myself to write a paltry 200-300 words, then dive head first into Facebook to escape writing.

Which sucks. When it’s flowing, I love to write. But when it’s not, I have a hard time making myself sit in front of my laptop trying to force out words for half an hour.

The awesome thing about these five-minute sprints was that I never had to force out the words. I knew I only had to write continuously for five minutes, so I could totally do that. Then the timer would go off mid-sentence, and I’d reset it because I needed another five minutes to finish my thought on the scene. This kept happening until I ran out of time and had to rush to finish getting ready for work.

I doubt that everyday I use this method it will be so easy. However, I think I’m going to stick with the five-minute bursts for a while because it seems I can convince myself to write every morning because it’s only five minutes. There’s a lot more to the book, which I’ve not implemented yet, and I highly recommend checking it out if you’re a writer.


Here’s a little sneak peek at what I’ve been writing (bear in mind this is entirely unedited and subject to change).


Dance of the Unseelie

“So, it’s true, then?” The words were hissed to Morgan’s right.

Morgan didn’t look over. She knew who spoke. Instead, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, allowing the warm breeze to lift her hair, thankful for the tears streaking her cheeks even if they were for the wrong reason. At least she looked the part of the grieving widow. In truth, she was a grieving widow. Her grief just wasn’t for her husband dying.

“Devil got your tongue?”

“No, Grandmother. As I’ve told you before, there is no devil.” She regretted the spiteful words as soon as they left her lips, but the old woman always brought out the worst in her. She wiped the wetness from her cheeks with the back of her hand. Swallowing her anger, she said, “Why are you here?”

Her grandmother cackled. “Oh, there most certainly is a devil. You ought to know that first hand.”

Red-hot heat flashed through Morgan’s body, her anger so powerful she became dizzy. No one knew what Ryan was like. No one would have believed it about him.

Before she could pull herself together, her grandmother continued. “First your mother, and now your husband. You should have been drowned at birth like I suggested. I knew what you would be. It was written in the stars. And in your father’s soul. Or lack thereof.”

Morgan lifted her head to gaze out over the sun-drenched gravestones. Arguing with the bitter woman would be useless.

It would also be a lie.


©2015 S.M. Lowry


Tell me, do you have any favorite books about writing?