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The Devil and Where He Lives, Part 1

Good thoughts on details in stories by author M.A. Ray.

Saga of Menyoral

“The devil is in the details.”

People say that all the time. They also say God is in the details, and I think both sayings are true. Regarding fiction, what I’d say is “Reality is in the details.”

Details make things feel real, feel true. Details about a character’s mannerisms make him or her come alive on the page; so can details like speech patterns or body language. But how do you know how much detail to include? Where’s the balance between, “Wow!” and “Oh, my God, who cares what his toenails are like?”

I’d like to say I have the perfect answer that will work in all cases, but I just don’t have one. Experience helps, and I mean experience as in reading. Read and find out how much you like, and how much you’d rather fill in, or have potential readers fill in for themselves. It’s a…

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Sarah lives on a beautiful half-acre full of beloved trees. She shares her space with three dogs, a snake, and lots of outdoor critters. She is an animist who has studied Druidry, paganism, religions, and metaphysical subjects for 20 years. She has also studied anthropology, history, and mythology academically. She believes firmly in living a spiritual life, not just in having a spiritual practice. She uses her knowledge to help women live a meaningful life they love by aligning with their soul.

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