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Review of The Redwood Rebel (The Redwood War Series Book 1) by Lorna George

redwood rebel


Genre: Fantasy



In the aftermath of civil war, the people of Ffion starve. The trade has dwindled, the harvest has failed, and all power belongs to the cruel and corrupt. Those few who could have fled the forest continent for other lands, but most are trapped by their poverty and love of their homeland, with little hope for change.

Far beneath Chloris Castle, the rebel Naomi has been incarcerated since the tyrannical Princess Adrienne stole the Redwood Throne. Starved of light and warmth for the past four years, she has had only her rage and determination to keep her going as she both fears and yearns for death to claim her at last.

In a violent sweep of fate, she is dragged back into the light once more, the Princess and her Councillor hoping to use her as a pawn against the powerful Dragon King of Koren. Faced with an almost impossible choice, Naomi strikes a deal with her captors that will set her free at last.

Unfortunately, she soon finds she has taken on much more than she bargained for.


My Review:

The Redwood Rebel by Lorna George is an epic fantasy that pulled me in and kept me glued to my iPad until I finished it. If you love strong female characters, then look no further than Naomi. Naomi has suffered in a way most people wouldn’t survive, and it has given her strength, resiliency, and a focus on righting the wrongs that have been done. When she finds herself in a marriage she never agreed to, Naomi has no intent of submitting to the arrangement. Instead, she explains to Arun how he is treating her as someone less than his equal just because she’s a female. There were several times while I was reading that I thought, “You tell him, Naomi!” However, Arun isn’t a bad guy; his culture is different, and he truly has no idea that he’s not treating Naomi as he should be. I really enjoyed the focus on diversity and gender equality that the book had. I think it added a layer of depth to the fantasy story without taking anything away from it. The magic and fantasy creatures were exciting, and I had no trouble finding myself in the middle of the magical forest. The one thing I will mention for those who don’t like to wait is that the book does end on a cliffhanger, and the second one isn’t out yet. However, I have faith it’ll be worth the wait if it’s as good as this one! I definitely recommend reading this book.


About the Author:

Lorna George lives in a crooked little house in Norfolk with her husband, her dog, a lot of books, and a fifty-one year old begonia named Frank. She spends an inordinate amount of time dreaming up magic, dragons, and bad-ass ladies, and has decided to try and make some sort of career from it by writing them down. She hopes this will give her a reasonable excuse when caught staring wistfully out of windows when she should be paying attention to the not-so-mystical “Real World”.

She realises this is where an author would usually write their experience and qualifications, but honestly, all she’s ever done is write a book that one time.

She is currently working on a second one.


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Illustrations by Juliette Brocal

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Review of The Artist’s Love by S.H. Pratt

AL front copy


*Disclaimer: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


Genre: Contemporary romance


At the park copy



Rissa Daniels is being stalked. Spencer St. George’s life is in danger. Their families refuse to tell them the secrets of the past that haunt their present and affect their future. With every passing day and each new discovery, Spencer and Rissa grow closer to each other and to the truth until Rissa’s stalker becomes larger than life, forcing Spencer to reevaluate their relationship and his place as a St. George.
Knowing that they will never be free from the dark menace that hovers over them without taking matters into their own hands, Rissa and Spencer make a decision that will forever change the future of their relationship. Long-buried secrets come to light, long-dead ghosts are allowed to rest in peace, and long-festering wounds are able to heal… but they are not without cost. Together, Spencer and Rissa face their fears head-on in the hope that their actions will stop their families’ pasts from destroying their future.
Meet the family copy
Every inch copy

My Review:

The Artist’s Love by S.H. Pratt is the second half of the epic romance, The Artist’s Touch. The Artist’s Love is a fantastic romance filled with sizzling love scenes, family secrets, and a bit of murder mystery. The family secrets that had me glued to the first book are finally revealed in this book, but the mystery and excitement doesn’t end there. I loved how Pratt added murder mystery to the romance; it made it impossible for me to put the book down because there was so much going on, and I just had to know what would happen next. Pratt doesn’t skimp on the sexy loves scenes either. Peppered throughout the novel are smoking hot scenes that had me fanning myself. Rissa deals with some horrifying situations in this novel, and I love that Spencer  is so caring and helpful. He’s a swoon-worthy character! Rissa goes through some changes in the book because of things she deals with, but she remains a considerate, loving, and strong female throughout. If you love hot love scenes, family secrets, and a dash of psychopath, then look no further than The Artist’s Love. (The two books must be read in order, so go grab The Artist’s Touch if you haven’t already.) I highly recommend reading this book!



Evan copy

The Artist’s Love is the sequel to The Artist’s Touch.


AT cover copy


You can purchase The Artist’s Touch here:

Amazon: The Artist’s Touch


About the Author:

SH Pratt

I’m a native Montanan and the youngest of seven children. I’m the mom of three profoundly gifted children who take my lack of sanity as a challenge to make me sane. Currently, we live in Olympia, Washington.
I began writing in high school, completing my first novel on a Commodore 64, saved on, I can’t tell you how many floppy disks. I have no idea where that novel is and if I did, I’d have no way to retrieve it. I stopped writing to pursue my education but quickly realized I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up… oddly, I still don’t know. So I decided to find a “real job”. Over the course of the next twenty years, I was everything from a barista, to a restaurant manager, to a purchasing agent and an administrative assistant to the owner of a fire truck construction company and everything in between.
I didn’t get serious about writing until a couple of years ago. By the time I worked up the nerve to attempt self-publishing, I’d amassed a stack of rejection letters and seven complete manuscripts. I became a writer because it was either that or go mad from the people in my head that seemed to get louder as I got older. The first three books that I wrote after ‘growing up’ a bit were published in paperback only and only to those who special ordered it. It will never be printed or released again due to the nature of my mental state when I wrote it. I was in a very bad place, emotionally, and those three books were my therapeutic catharsis. The first book I wrote and subsequently published was Always My Love and it was more of a homecoming, the characters involved, a withdrawn and wary writer (see what I did there LOL) goes back to her version of “home” which is her best friend/cousin. I wrote the cousin based on my own best friend/cousin and from there I wrote of new beginnings with the cousin’s friend who gives the author a reason to see “home” differently. It was another way to heal after everything at home melted.

I prefer to write contemporary romance with a heavy emphasis on psychology and the emotions of my characters. I feel that if my reader can feel what the character feels and can identify with it, I’ve done my job. After Always My Love, the books that I’ve written have been a different sort of therapy. Working on my issues with spousal abuse, cheating, date rape, PTSD and a myriad of other hot button issues that I’ve seen first-hand in my life via my siblings and other experiences. I love to do the research involved with deep psychological issues and creating the character that everyone loves to hate. The book I love the most is Shy of Tomorrow. It just touches a place in my heart where books live as it’s about a librarian who finds more than she bargains for in the aisles of the library. One other thing that I simply love to write about is multiples. So far, five of my eleven books have either twins or triplets, with six more WIPs actively being worked on with twins or triplets. As for a muse… well, ideas come from all sorts of odd places… music, places I drive by, my dreams, people in general. Life inspires me.

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Review of Within This Frame by Lindy Zart

within the frames cover


*Disclaimer: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


Genre: Contemporary romance


WTF1.jpg copy



His eyes went smoky, his expression and stance set for wooing.

“Stop it. I’m immune.”

“Since when? That kiss we shared a few days ago says otherwise.”

Maggie blinked, warmth flooding her veins at the reminder. “I was acting. I’m an exceptional actress.”

“Mmm. Is that so?” Lance rubbed a thumb over his mouth, and her eyes were drawn to the motion. She wasn’t able to look away until he dropped his hand. “Even you can’t act that well.”

Briefly pausing behind the couch, she pointed the remote control at the television and pressed the ‘on’ button. “Let’s see what form of debauchery Lance Denton gets his pleasure from when he’s alone.”

He caught her around the waist, the force of his movement and his weight toppling them forward and over the back of the couch. It was too late—the sound of young, familiar voices filled the air. Face down on the couch cushion and legs in the air, and with Lance beside her, she lifted her head to look at the television screen.

The air stopped inside her lungs. Maggie watched for a moment, not able to talk. It was them during an episode of ‘Easier Said’, crazily in love with one another. Struck hard with emotion, she swallowed, striving for nonchalance when her insides were screaming with yearning. Maggie placed her chin on her fist and continued to observe the younger versions of Lance and Maggie. Lance was quiet beside her, and that was just as well. She didn’t know what to say to him right then.

“This would make a great yoga pose,” she said after a time, her neck and back stretched to the point that they were sore.

When Lance didn’t respond, she finally turned her head to look at him. He wasn’t watching the television—he was watching her. The look on his face was open and raw, like a wound always kept hidden, until one day, it could no longer remain so.

Swallowing hard, she looked down. “You watch these a lot?”



“They make me happy.”

Maggie looked up in time to catch his sardonic smile as he added, “And nostalgic, and maudlin.”

Unveiled as they were, she couldn’t take the look in his eyes any longer, and needing somewhere else to focus, Maggie chose his lips. It was a bad idea—perfectly chiseled, hard when they should be, soft when necessary, a shade of mauve that couldn’t be replicated—she wanted them on hers.

As though reading her mind, and knowing what she desired, Lance dropped his attention to her mouth. When he looked up, his eyes were midnightblue with lust. “I think, if I’m going to remain uninvolved with my clients, I must forbid you to look at me like that.”


wtf14 copy


My Review:

Within This Frame by Lindy Zart is a fantastic story. Zart seamlessly weaves Lance and Maggie’s past and present relationship into the story. As teenagers, Lance and Maggie fell deeply in love, but their personal demons destroyed their relationship. Years later, they throw themselves together again as Maggie works diligently to become healthy and fit. I loved how both their past and their present relationships were shown simultaneously, so I was able to see what had occurred in their past and how they were learning to deal with those issues in the present. Lance is cocky but a genuinely sweet guy, which made him a lovable character. Maggie has struggled all her life with her looks, which made her a character that not only did I relate to but I think most women will be able to relate to as well. There is a lot of fun banter between Maggie and Lance that had me chuckling, and the book is packed full of steamy tension. Within This Frame is a wonderfully written story that touches on a subject a lot of people can relate to, yet is still humorous and full of romance. As with all of Lindy Zart’s books, I highly recommend reading it!


wtf13 copy



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About the author:


Lindy Zart is the USA Today bestselling author of Roomies. She has been writing since she was a child. Luckily for readers, her writing has improved since then. She lives in Wisconsin with her family. Lindy loves hearing from people who enjoy her work. She also has a completely healthy obsession with the following: coffee, wine, bloody marys, peanut butter, and pizza.


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