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Review of The Devil’s Masquerade (Book 3 in the Royal Pains Series) by Nina Mason

**This book and the review are intended for 18+ only!

**Disclaimer: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Today, we’re hosting the blog tour for THE DEVIL’S MASQUERADE, book three in Nina Mason’s erotic historical series titled ROYAL PAINS. Set during the Restoration period in Great Britain, the series chronicles the sexual, marital, and political exploits of Robert and Maggie Armstrong, the Duke and Duchess of Dunwoody.


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Here’s the blurb:

Beware the devil in disguise…

The year is now 1685 and Maggie’s father has just been crowned King of Great Britain, but that doesn’t mean trouble is over for the Duke and Duchess of Dunwoody. Rather than cool the flames of hatred between Papists and Protestants, the coronation of a Catholic monarch has only added accelerant to the already raging blaze. Two-faced devils lurk in every corner of the royal court, as do diseases with the power to kill and maim. When Robert falls prey to the smallpox virus, it looks as though Maggie will lose the two people most precious to her—her beloved husband and their only child—the son she bore three months before after five years of heartbreaking miscarriages and stillbirths. The one person in London who can help save her son demands a steep price in exchange for her services. Will Maggie trade Robert’s hard-won fidelity to save her only child…or offer the apothecary an even more scandalous alternative?

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Note: ROYAL PAINS contains highly erotic content and is intended to be read in order.


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My Review:

The Devil’s Masquerade by Nina Mason is one hot, gripping read! I love the main characters, Maggie and Robert, so I was excited to continue this journey with them. In the intervening time between book 2 and this book, poor Maggie and Robert have suffered heartbreak. When Robert contracted smallpox, I knew I was in for a rollercoaster ride of emotions. As much as I loved the first two books, I loved this one even more. The plot of this book had me gripping my iPad in anticipation of what would happen. Like the first two books, the sex scenes are smoking hot. I stayed up much later than I should have because I could not put down the book during the steamy scenes. If you like sexy, historical romance with a riveting plot, then this is a must read!

This book does end on a cliffhanger. I almost cried when I realized it was over! I eagerly await the next installment.


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About the author:


Nina Mason is an incurable romantic who strives to write the same kind of books she loves to read: those that entertain, edify, educate, and enlighten.

The Devil’s Masquerade is the third book in her Royal Pains series and her sixth book overall. Her seventh book, Dark and Stormy Knight, the second installment in her Knights of Avalon series, will be released by Lyrical/Kensington on Jan. 5.


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