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Shame on you Amazon!!

As a book reviewer, I don’t like Amazon’s new “friends” policy. Read through this post, and consider signing the petition.

Blondie Loves Books

So it seems that Amazon has decided that being “friends” with someone on Facebook is a like…the real thing! At first I was excited, YAY! I am totes friends with Stephen King and Norman Reedus!!! gonna go out for a beer with my FRIENDS!! …wait…oh yeah, reality bites.  In the real world I don’t know those guys.  At all. I haven’t ever met them or even talked to them on the phone.  Hard to believe right? I know! I’d totally hang with me!! Anyway…back to Amazon, (I’ll daydream later) most of us, of course realize that being friends on Facebook means you “like” a post here and there, squeee over a kitten picture or ten, and sometimes even chat on messenger.  Some of your Facebook friends are real, live, fleshy people that you actually DO interact with in the real world! But we know the difference, don’t we?  Amazon, clearly…

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Sarah lives in Oregon on a beautiful half-acre with her husband and children. She has a BA in English Language and Literature and has been writing off and on since she was young. When she isn't busy pursuing her MS in marketing, she enjoys being out in nature, eating real food, and spending time with her amazing grandchildren. She loves helping new bloggers navigate the blogging world so they can achieve their dreams.

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