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Review of Embers at Galdrilene (Book One of Dragon’s Call) by A.D. Trosper

Embers_Cover_(Barnes) copy


Genre: Fantasy


After the War of Fire destroyed the city of Galdrilene and nearly all the dragons and their riders, Emallya puts all of her hopes for the future in a clutch of dragon’s eggs and the prospect of future riders. By the time the riders are called, the world has become a different place since the dragons disappeared. No longer is magic a wonderful, helpful thing; now, it is something to be feared. Magic users must turn themselves in to die for it because it is believed that magic drives one insane. When the riders are finally called to their duty, they must come to terms with the truth of the history of dragons and magic. Shadow Dragons once again are alive, and the Guardian dragon riders must plunge into a life they never dreamed existed if they are to protect the world.


Embers at Galdrilene by A.D. Trosper is a wonderful fantasy novel. A.D. has created a fantastic world full of dragons and magic, but what I loved best was that not only are her human characters realistic and relatable but the dragons are as well. Despite the incredible amount of characters, I never once had any trouble keeping them straight, including the dragons, because they each have their own distinct personality. Although there is an exciting overarching plot, which is only getting started in this book, the characters were what sucked me in and kept me anxiously turning the page to find out what would happen next. If you love dragons and fantasy, this book is a must read. If you aren’t a dragon or fantasy lover, then pick up this book, and you will be hooked! Embers at Galdrilene is the first of the Dragon’s Call books. Books two and three are also out (Tears of War and Ashes and Spirits).


About the author:


A.D. Trosper


A.D. Trosper is the author of the bestselling, award winning Dragon’s Call series. She also has a YA paranormal romance out under the title Bound by Time and has several more books in the works. A.D. enjoys writing in a variety of genres including epic fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance, and she is an active member of the SFWA.


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Sarah lives on a beautiful half-acre full of beloved trees. She shares her space with three dogs, a snake, and lots of outdoor critters. She is an animist who has studied Druidry, paganism, religions, and metaphysical subjects for 20 years. She has also studied anthropology, history, and mythology academically. She believes firmly in living a spiritual life, not just in having a spiritual practice. She uses her knowledge to help women live a meaningful life they love by aligning with their soul.

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