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Review of Company Property by Robert Stiles

Company Property cover

Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopia


Company Property by Robert Stiles is set in a future where electricity can only be had from mining Xenorite, which is done by the company United Xenorite Enterprises. Company Property is the story of young Alice’s life after she is sold into the Life Contract Worker system (a system similar to slavery) by her aunt. Ripped away from her normal life, her school, and her friends, Alice struggles to harden herself to fourteen-hour workdays and frequent electrical shocks from the free people who manage the Life Contract Workers. She befriends another Life Contract Worker named Cornelia, who is a soldier and brings Alice into the Ravens, a group of soldiers comprised of both Life Contract Workers and free people. Together, they must work to change the damaged system.


Company Property by Robert Stiles is a fantastic story that tells of a future where slavery has made a comeback because it benefits the rich and powerful. Alice is at first a young girl who suffers the loss of everything she’s ever known, including her freedom, but she is a character who develops into one kick ass woman in the end. Her mentor and friend, Cornelia, is from the beginning a strong, confident woman, yet Robert succeeds in showing her vulnerability as well. The characters in the story are well rounded, with both flaws and strengths. I loved the plot as well; I was on the edge of my seat wanting to know what would happen. This future world is full of strange creatures, an all-too-easily imagined system of slavery, and a government ran by a greedy man who owns a valuable corporation. I hope the author intends to write more because I would love to see what is next for Alice and Cornelia. I definitely recommend reading this book.


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Sarah lives on a beautiful half-acre full of beloved trees. She shares her space with three dogs, a snake, and lots of outdoor critters. She is an animist who has studied Druidry, paganism, religions, and metaphysical subjects for 20 years. She has also studied anthropology, history, and mythology academically. She believes firmly in living a spiritual life, not just in having a spiritual practice. She uses her knowledge to help women live a meaningful life they love by aligning with their soul.

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