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Review of Sawyer Jackson and the Long Land by Kevin Tumlinson


Sawyer Jackson and the Long Land by Kevin Tumlinson

Sawyer Jackson-FRONT copy


*Disclaimer – I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Genre: Fantasy, YA


Sawyer Jackson and the Long Land by Kevin Tumlinson is a story of a young man who suddenly discovers life is not at all what he’d been brought up to think. Like most teenagers, Sawyer had thought there was only one world. That is, until the day he accidentally discovered that the knots he’d grown so used to seeing had a purpose he’d never expected. Sawyer soon learns that he isn’t just a normal teenager but a very important Teth, someone with the natural ability to manipulate the knot work of life. With the knots, Sawyer and his grandparents travel to other worlds, and Sawyer discovers just how important and talented he really is. Unfortunately, there is a powerful Teth named Aeodymus who knows just how talented Sawyer is too, and he wants Sawyer for his own evil purposes.


Sawyer Jackson and the Long Land is a fantastic story for fantasy lovers of any age. This is an engaging story that captured my attention from the first page and held it through to the end. Kevin Tumlinson has created worlds that are exciting and so vivid I felt as if I had been transported there. I loved the idea of the knot work that life and reality is made of, and the idea that there are those born with the innate ability to manipulate the knots was a great kind of magic that kept me wanting to read more. I loved Tumlinson’s characters, especially grandma and grandpa because they had a relationship that had me laughing. This was a fun and exciting fantasy read that I think anyone who liked books like Harry Potter will enjoy. I highly recommend it, and I will definitely be purchasing the next book.


You can purchase Sawyer Jackson and the Long Land at Amazon here.


About the Author:

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Kevin Tumlinson is the Wordslinger—a full-time indie author and author consultant, spending most of his days enslaved to a MacBook that just won’t let him go outside and play. His “Citadel” and “Sawyer Jackson” series are reader favorites, and his readers are Kevin favorites. Learn more about Kevin and his work at

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