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Review of Armor of Glass by R.M.A. Spears

Armor of Glass

Genre: Romance, General Fiction

Armor of Glass by R.M.A. Spears is a novel about the life of Brick, focusing mainly on his military experiences and love life. The novel is set during a train ride to work while Brick works through the memories of his life. Brick wants little more in life than to be a military man. However, the life he wants doesn’t come easily for him. He gets his dream of being in the military, but his marriage slowly falls to shambles. Brick is a fantastic father and he remains in the marriage for the children, but an affair with his high school girlfriend could destroy the things he loves the most.

Armor of Glass is written in first person narrative using a stream-of-consciousness technique. Those who are unfamiliar with this technique might find it a bit strange, but I think R.M.A. Spears chose perfectly for this novel. Spears’s prose is at times quite poetic. From the beginning, I found Brick to be a difficult character to like. He had qualities about him that I found anywhere from uncomfortable to downright offensive. However, the author did a wonderful job of not only making me sympathize with a character I didn’t particularly like but also making me understand him. By the end of the novel, I truly cared what happened to Brick, even though I still was unhappy with some of his behavior. I loved how the novel was very true to life. There wasn’t a perfectly wrapped package of an ending. I think this novel has a lot to offer, and I would say it’s worth the read.

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Sarah lives on a beautiful half-acre full of beloved trees. She shares her space with three dogs, a snake, and lots of outdoor critters. She is an animist who has studied Druidry, paganism, religions, and metaphysical subjects for 20 years. She has also studied anthropology, history, and mythology academically. She believes firmly in living a spiritual life, not just in having a spiritual practice. She uses her knowledge to help women live a meaningful life they love by aligning with their soul.

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