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Review of Spilt Milk by D.K. Cassidy

Spilt Milk Cover

Genre: Urban Gothic


Spilt Milk by D.K. Cassidy is a collection of urban gothic short stories. Several of the stories revolve around two main characters, Caleb and George. Both characters had troubled childhoods, and the stories depict scenes from their disturbing lives. Interspersed with Caleb and George’s stories are tales of other characters, such as a paraplegic who desires a different life, a man indoctrinated into a coffee world, and Cinderella’s stepmother receiving therapy.


Author D.K. Cassidy has created some haunting tales and characters in Spilt Milk. The stories are dark, but the author uses poetic language to tell them, which made them even eerier. She seamlessly weaves tales of George and Caleb’s lives from childhood to adulthood throughout the collection, including a story with both characters that is chilling. I enjoyed each story, but the stories of George and Caleb were by far my favorites because these characters are just creepy. I was left wanting to read more about these two.


Spilt Milk is one to read, and it’s the perfect collection of stories for Halloween!


You can buy Spilt Milk here on Amazon.


About the author:

D.K. Cassidy 2


D.K. Cassidy has been scribbling stories since she was a child and loves to write in various genres including Magical Realism, Urban Gothic, Science Fiction, and Psychological Thrillers. She has a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Washington.

D.K. Cassidy lives in the Pacific Northwest with her greatest fans: her husband Mark, twin sons Aidan and Jared, and three cats. When not writing, she loves to travel, run, knit, use the Oxford comma, and of course read!


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Review of Blood Curse by Jen Ponce

Blood Curse cover

Genre: Horror, Fantasy, LGBT


Lorelei is trapped in a frightening world of vampire servitude. It is her destiny and duty to become a blood-servant to a powerful vampire. Unlike her twin sister, Lorelei can’t stand the idea, so she runs away and happens upon a vampire, Issala, who is part of a group of vampire hunters. Issala longs for death for herself and the Lady Catherine–the vampire who killed her previous lover and who Lorelei’s sister is servant to. When the two women discover Lorelei’s blood can kill vampires, Issala must decide if death is truly what she longs for.


Blood Curse is a fantastic vampire novel. Jen Ponce did a wonderful job explaining how vampires could exist and how some could be bitten but not become full-blood vampires, something not all vampire novels accomplish. This book has no shortage of action and sex, including some disturbing scenes involving the Lady Catherine. The characters in the story are well written, and I couldn’t help but love Issala and Lorelei and hate Catherine and Morganna. Women are the dominant characters in this book, and while not all of them are good, the women in this book are certainly strong characters who do what is within their power to take charge of their own lives. Blood Curse is full of action, love, and as Jen Ponce says, “kick ass women and oogy monsters.” I loved this book! It is one to buy for some great horror entertainment.


You can purchase Blood Curse here.


For more about the author, Jen Ponce, please visit her website: