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Stories in the Works and More Reviews Coming Soon!

So, I’ve been absent on here for a while. I’ve been busy with school, writing, and life in general. I have two books I’ve been trying to get read and reviewed for quite some time now, and hopefully, will have them done soon!

I recently finished a short story, and I’m getting started on a novella, The Spiral Staircase. I also have decided to try out the Magic Spreadsheet that author Jen Ponce has been going on about. (If you haven’t checked out her website or her books, go do so! I will be reviewing one of her books, Blood Curse, on here soon.) With any luck, the competition of the Magic Spreadsheet will keep me writing everyday!

Speaking of writing, that is what I am off to do. I will leave you with a little blurb about The Spiral Staircase:

Morgan is a powerful witch, but this time, she’s in over her head. After buying a piece of property on a whim, Morgan discovers a strange underground staircase. But this staircase is not just a forgotten piece of architecture; it’s a portal to the Otherworld. Morgan’s curiosity creates a rift in the veil between worlds, spilling the war from the Otherworld into this one. Morgan must find a witch with extraordinary power to help contain the war and seal the gate. But can two witches and an untried king stop a war of magic and might before it destroys both worlds?



Sarah lives in Oregon on a beautiful half-acre with her husband and children. She has a BA in English Language and Literature and has been writing off and on since she was young. When she isn't busy pursuing her MS in marketing, she enjoys being out in nature, eating real food, and spending time with her amazing grandchildren. She loves helping new bloggers navigate the blogging world so they can achieve their dreams.

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