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My First Video Interview


I had my first video interview via skype (first time I’ve ever used Skype as well) last week with Acresbooks, a website dedicated to bringing readers and authors together one video interview at a time.

I was really, really nervous the whole time and so ended up sounding like an idiot, but the interviewer was great and it was a lot fun. And my camera wasn’t straight ahead so I’m not actually looking at the camera most of the time because I was looking at my computer screen where the interviewer was.

Even with all of that, if you’re interested in watching the interview you can either watch the imbedded video below or go to Acresbooks and watch it there.

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Sarah lives in Oregon on a beautiful half-acre with her husband and children. She has a BA in English Language and Literature and has been writing off and on since she was young. When she isn't busy pursuing her MS in marketing, she enjoys being out in nature, eating real food, and spending time with her amazing grandchildren. She loves helping new bloggers navigate the blogging world so they can achieve their dreams.

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