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Review of The Raging One by Lexy Wolfe

Reviewed for Readers’ Favorite


Genre: Fantasy


Masters of magic come together in The Raging One by Lexy Wolfe in an effort to fight an unknown but dark enemy threatening all the lands. Unfortunately, the people of the lands do not get along with one another ever since an ancient war. The Guardian of all the lands, Almek, knows something is wrong in the world, but the other guardians do not heed his warnings. Having discovered one student who is gifted in more than one area of magic, Almek sets out to find others from all the lands that are exceptionally gifted, believing it is through these masters of magic that the all of the lands can be saved. Under the tutelage of Almek, these students must learn to come to terms with the past and each other if they are to win the war against the darkness.


The Raging One by Lexy Wolfe was a fantastic fantasy novel. I didn’t want it to end! I can’t wait to read the next book. The characters are so real that I feel I’ve gained new friends. The characters have diverse personalities and prejudices, which gave them a realistic quality. The conflicts between characters had me cringing and angered at them, but the peppering of comedy from a couple of the characters had me chuckling and made this book even more enjoyable. The descriptions of the lands made me feel like I was there. There are many sub-plots woven in with the main plot that not only kept me aching to keep reading but also greatly enhanced the main plot without overpowering it.


Sarah lives on a beautiful half-acre full of beloved trees. She shares her space with three dogs, a snake, and lots of outdoor critters. She is an animist who has studied Druidry, paganism, religions, and metaphysical subjects for 20 years. She has also studied anthropology, history, and mythology academically. She believes firmly in living a spiritual life, not just in having a spiritual practice. She uses her knowledge to help women live a meaningful life they love by aligning with their soul.

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