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Gearing up for NaNoWriMo!

I decided a couple of weeks ago to give NaNoWriMo a shot this year.  With a full-time job, teenagers at home, and school, I may be a bit crazy to embark on such a journey.  However, I’m already pumped to start! 

I joined a NaNo group on Facebook, went to a regional workshop, and told everyone close to me what my plans are.  Now it’s time to have my son put music on my computer, stock up on coffee and candy…then bring on the writing! 

I chose a fantasy story to write about.  The title is The Circle Is Cast.  If all goes well, I should be up to elbows in story writing starting Friday.  

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The Lesson of Winter


As I walked outside this morning, I breathed deeply and inhaled the crisp October air.  The chilly air made me thankful for the warm coffee mug in my hands.  I closed my eyes and inhaled the smell of damp earth and dying vegetation.  The air was still, the morning quiet, and I felt a smile tug at my mouth because I realized I felt perfectly at peace in the moment.


Too often lately, I’ve been so caught up in all the chaos of life that I’ve forgotten what it means to just be in the moment.  With school, work, and children, I’ve been so busy for the past couple of years that I think I may have forgotten who I am!  I am always so busy doing something that I simply haven’t had time to stop.


Today, however, I’ve made a firm decision to change that.  The wheel is turning; the season approaching beckons me to slow down.  Winter is a time when the Earth sleeps and prepares for new life in the Spring.  With the dark time of the year on the horizon, it’s time for me to learn the lessons that Winter teaches: slow down, breathe deep, and just be.